Things to do in Yakutat, Alaska


Yakutat boasts a beautiful and fairly well-maintained trail system with hikes for people of all skill levels. A scenic drive to the Harlequin Lake trailhead will take you to a winding path through lush rainforest that opens up to a glassy lake scattered with icebergs. Harlequin Lake is fed by Yakutat Glacier, and is surrounded by stunning mountain views. This short hike is great for beginners, and the surrounding area is teeming with wildlife.

The Russell Fjord trail leads you through mossy forest floors, around small ponds, and up and down hills to the breathtaking waters of the fjord. The water is surrounded by mountains, making it a great place for a photo. If you hike this trail in July, you are sure to see a colorful array of wildflowers scattered throughout the greenery. Make sure to wear waterproof shoes, as the trails can be very muddy at times.

These hikes are in prime bear and moose territory, so make sure to keep your distance and take necessary precautions. Along any of the trails and many of the roads in Yakutat you are sure to find blueberries and salmon berries throughout the summer. Sandy areas are particularly good for finding wild (and delicious) strawberries which ripen in late summer. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website to learn more about Yakutat’s trails.


Yakutat’s location near the southern border of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park encompasses the area’s coastal beauty. Yakutat has 155 miles of shoreline met with mountains and rainforest. Cannon Beach is characterized by dark sand that sprawls for miles and is strewn with driftwood – making it the perfect place for roasting some marshmallows over a bonfire. Ocean Cape Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the raw, natural beauty of southeast Alaska. Cliffs plummet down to the ocean and waves crash against rock formations by the shore. There are great trails to explore by foot or by vehicle. There are several more beaches in the area, so stop by the office and we can help you find new places to explore.


The rivers, lakes, and bays in Yakutat are best explored up close and personal. Kayak rental available through the lodge makes this possible! Kayaking through these bodies of water is a great way to see a lot of wildlife in action from a safe distance. Eagles soar overhead, river and sea otters swim gracefully by, and bears can be seen on shore in some locations. The views of lush rainforest and towering mountains are unmatched. If you would like assistance with transportation, or if you want any advice on where to go, just ask one of our knowledgeable staff members. We’re happy to help!

Glacier Viewing

Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. It stands at 400 feet tall, and is around 80 miles long. It is one of the very few glaciers in the world that is still growing. You can book a charter boat to take you up close (within a half-mile) to the glacier where you will be surrounded by harbor seals basking on icebergs in Disenchantment Bay. You will be able to hear the ice crackling and moving, and the thunderous sound of icebergs calving off into the water. It is truly a magnificent sight to behold, and is well worth the trip. Your charter captain will be very knowledgeable about Hubbard Glacier and the surrounding area, so feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Leonard's Landing Lodge is the choice for accommodations in Yakutat, Alaska. We offer Waterfront Cabins and Duplexes. Large units for family gatherings or groups of friends and Lodge sleeping rooms for the budget conscious. With professional fish processing and flash freezers, your catch is safely boxed for the flight home. Leonard's also offers rental boats, both freshwater and ocean. We have kayaks on-site to paddle the bay. The views are second to none! You will find everything you need to have an amazing Alaska experience at Leonard's Landing Lodge.!

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Leonard's Lodge is a customer service oriented fishing lodge. They always go out of their way to assure that guests are set up with their requested guided tours, are comfortable with required in suite needs, and of course that the fish cleaning, and packaging is done per requests. I look forward to our visit every year and always leave thoroughly satisfied.

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Outstanding halibut and salmon fishing. Our waterfront cabin looks out at Yakutat Bay with the sunset in the distance. The fishing was excellent! Some days with limits of 6 coho salmon in the Bay. Some days with 80 pound halibut plus limits of ling cod.

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I have been fishing Alaska for over 30 years and Leonard’s Landing Lodge is the most authentic Alaska adventure you can have. The accommodations are great. Julie and staff are wonderful and eagerly assist you for all your adventures. Fishing, sight seeing, and hiking are some of the great things you can do. The area is absolutely beautiful. Don’t miss the Hubbard glacier. Can’t rate it high enough.

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If you want a consistent relaxing home base to explore from this is it. The dock is feet away if you are hiring ocean charters or renting a boat yourself. They clean, package and flash freeze your fish for a fair price too. Access to the Situk River top and bottom is close minutes away if you rentad a car too. Lenord's staff is accommodating, the rooms are clean and well kept.